I’m Thomas and 45 years old with several educations and experience in the metal and production industry. I’m also the CEO of Pitotwatches, where we develop watches inspired by fighter jets. I quit my job as a production engineer at Aasted, a big chocolate machine factory, to follow my dream with my own business.

Now I use my experience from SAS and Monarch as a civil aircraft mechanic in the UK, and the experience from the Royal Danish Airforce, as a former aircraft mechanic on F-16 and Sikorsky helicopters, together with my skills in 3D design.

My background as a stainless smith with welding experience and sheet metal handling in aluminium and stainless steel gives me an understanding of different materials limit and use.



  • Stainless smith
  • Flight mechanic (RDAF)
  • Multimedia designer
  • Production engineer (Specialized in product development)